Malia Du Mont

Co-President & Chief Operating Officer


Malia is Director of Strategy at Amur Finance Company, where she is responsible for corporate management with a focus on subsidiary onboarding and development, long-term planning, and strategic communications. In addition, she works as Co-President and Chief Operating Officer of Amur Equipment Finance, Amur’s US-based equipment finance division. Prior to joining Amur Finance Company, Malia worked in national security, most recently as Director of Strategy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. While in the Pentagon, Malia also had primary responsibility for managing the intelligence, futures and strategic risk portfolios for the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and served as the lead Department of Defense contact in coordinating the 2014 National Security Strategy. Malia has a deep expertise in East Asian affairs; she is fluent in Mandarin and spent over a decade focused on Chinese defense issues.

Malia is also an officer in the U.S Army Reserve, currently assigned to the U.S Pacific Command’s Directorate of Strategic Planning and Policy.